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What We Offer

We Offer a Range of Services, from Personal Financial Help to Business and Corporate Advisory and Financial Planning.

Our focus is to support and build on your business success.

A successful business is the product of many integral factors.

We view our practice as one of these integral factors providing professional business and accounting services.

Experience has empowered us with “non textbook skills” to listen, to show empathy, to realise that every business has a human side.

These skills have served us and our clients well forming relationships that have lasted over 30 years and trickled down from one generation to the next.

Naturally, our mainstay services include:

  • Business analysis and performance review
  • Preparation of cashflow reports
  • Preparation of budgeting spreadsheets
  • Business acquisition and due diligence
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Interim reporting in succinct with BAS periods
  • Reporting to financiers
  • Assistance with reports to secure finance
  • Access to ATO reports

Although the impost of a tax is a business outflow, the right amount of tax is also an indicator of business success and performance.

This in turn is often a pre-cursor to successfully accessing loan finance, funding retirement plans and meeting investment strategies.

Now more than ever “knowledge is power” and knowing how to navigate the “vast sea of taxes” is paramount to all taxpayers.

As a fiscal lever of government social policy, quite often, the societal aspect of dealing with government bodies is lost.

We provide a wide spectrum of taxation support in the areas of:

  • Corporate taxation services
  • Impact of taxation upon business
  • Taxation consequences of negative gearing
  • Tax for investors including share traders and investors
  • Capital gains tax strategies, impost and considerations
  • Personal tax services for executives
  • Personal tax services for rental property owners
  • GST services including BAS and IAS preparation
  • PAYG employee obligations
  • Super employee obligations
  • Assistance with ATO inquiries, review, correspondence and audit

“What are you working for?” We all have different reasons for working hard. One of those may be to fund your retirement.

Use of the superannuation arena may assist your retirement plans.

We remain an unbiased accountancy practice not aligned to any product providers and simply offer sound advice about superannuation.

This is complimented with superannuation compliance and support with SIS regulations and the ATO including:

  • Compilation of financial statements
  • Compilation of superfund tax return
  • Preparation of minutes of meetings and recording trustee matters
  • Complying with trustee obligations
  • Establishment of superannuation funds
  • Establishment of corporate trustee
  • Application for TFN/ABN/GST
  • Access to the services of an auditor
  • Access to actuarial services
  • Superannuation pension documentation and support services

“Without the right tools how can you get the job done?”

“Knowing how to run your business is one thing (your good at that), having the right structure to protect and grow your investment is another (we’re good at that)”

The law offers a range of business structures that may be appropriately used for asset protection, tax planning, funding towards superannuation benefits, succession planning and wealth creation.

“Getting started on the right foot” can give you that head start you need. We can assist in areas of:

  • Establish business structure suitable for your requirements
  • Establish companies
  • Establish family trusts
  • Establish unit trusts
  • Establish partnerships of companies/trust/superfunds
  • Corporate governance including meeting ASIC annual compliance
  • ASIC registered agent offering all lodgements
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Directorship, public officer and corporate secretarial services
  • Registration services for ABN/TFN/GST/PAYG
  • De-registration services

“Can you remember what you had for dinner the previous weekend? What about what you paid for a year ago?”

Now more than ever, recording of day to day business transactions is paramount.

With the introduction of single touch payroll and the eventual reporting of transactions on real time basis, good and easy to follow book keeping is a business necessity.

Our dedicated team can help ease the burden and oversee bookkeeping procedures including the following:

  • MYOB software implementation
  • XERO software implementation
  • Single touch payroll and ATO reporting and data handling
  • Payroll processing including reporting of superannuation commitments
  • Preparation of PAYG summaries
  • Calculation of leave entitlements
  • Assistance with workers compensation compliance
  • Calculation of superannuation commitments

No matter how simple as it may be, every matter is welcome. We have always viewed our relationship not as a service, but rather as a life-long relationship.

This approach is not unlike that of a “patient and doctor” relationship or in this case, client and tax practitioner.

We retain extensive records on file of prior year data that may be useful for estate planning, capital gains tax matters, tax planning, matters pertaining to retirement, wills and settlements.

We can provide professional assistance with:

  • Personal tax returns
  • Negative gearing schedules for property investors
  • Negative gearing schedules for share investors
  • Positive gearing schedules
  • Overseas pension tax determination submissions
  • PAYG variations for car allowances
  • PAYG variations for investors
  • PAYG variations for rental property owners
  • Access to BMT quantity surveyors for tax depreciation schedules
  • Full access to ATO pre0filling tax return reports
  • Lodgment of IAS forms and variation if appropriate